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Galactic Alignment 2012

John Major Jenkins, author of Galactic Alignment and Maya Cosmogenisis has discovered evidence that we are aligning with galactic centre and moving into what is called the Photon Band, an area of highly charged particles. Through years of research and time spent with the Quiche Mayan people of Guatemala, he soon realised there was a distinct connection to the end date of the Mayan calendar and the process of our solar system aligning with Galactic centre (also called the ‘Central Sun’ and 'Hunab Ku'). The end date of the calendar is December 21st 2012, which correlates with when we will ‘peak’ in this highly charged area of the Galaxy. Galactic alignment is a rare astronomical event that brings the solstice sun into alignment with the centre of the Milky Way galaxy every 12,960 years.

Hunab Ku - The Giver of Movement & Measure

David Wilcock, author of the Convergence series generally agrees with Jenkins and believes it is the process we are all going through called ‘Ascension’. According to Wilcock, who runs the excellent website, and is believed to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, we are actually arriving at the end of a 75,000 year galactic cycle and a more common 25,000 year planetary cycle. Jenkins explains how this fits in with with the 25,920-year precession cycle. The number 25,920 comes up in Hindu, Nordic and Babylonian doctrines. He also noticed that the Maya and the ancient Egyptians knew all about Galactic Alignment too. 26,000 also harmonises with the 260 days of the sacred Tzolkin calender.

The ‘bulge’ in the centre of the Milky Way is the location of Galactic centre. The Galactic anti-centre is the area of the Plaedies, Orion and Gemini. But it is the Plaedies that have always been associated with higher consciousness. This might give some indication as to why the Mayans were interested in the Plaedies and the Egyptians so obsessed with Orion. This is the symbolic crown chakra of the galaxy! With the Photon Band charging through the galaxy from galactic centre to anti-centre, this represents the kundalini energy rising up through the charkas, but on a slightly bigger scale. We are heading into the ‘galactic kundalini’, so we better get ready!

So what we have here is an ancient knowledge of the movement of the galaxy and how it is linked to our spiritual awakening. What I want to talk about now is exactly how this is linked to DNA mutation.